In case you haven’t heard already, Microsoft is about to launch their iPod killer that they have been talking about all summer called the Zune. The Zune is a little bit bigger, lot uglier, MP3 playing knock off of the iPod, however, it does have Wi-Fi and a builit-in FM tuner. (too bad I mostly listen to sports radio on AM channels)

What I think may be cool about Zune is not so much the device itself, but the Zune MarketPlace where, unlike iTunes, Microsoft will offer an all you can download option for about $15 per month. You can also share your content via Wi-Fi with other Zunebies, Zuneophiles, ZuneFolk, or whatever the hell people with Zunes will be referred to as. Copy protected media will be able to be played up to 3 times over 3 days before you are forced to by a licensed copy.

You’ve got to admit, that this is pretty cool. What would be cooler, however, is if you could do this from your mobile device as well as from your Zune.

The way I see it, Microsoft isn’t going to stop selling Windows Mobile devices anytime soon, and although I believe that Billy and the rest of the gang in Redmond want to sell as many Zunes as humanly possible, they may as well make all they can from Zune MarketPlace as well. Consumers want MP3 playing mobile phones. If Microsoft puts Zune MarketPlace on Windows Mobile Powered smartphones, they could do at least as well as the phones that support iTunes if not get a leg up on Apple simply because the songs could be shared.

Personally, I can’t say if I would buy a Zune or not. I have been thinking about an iPod Video lately, so, I probably will give the Zune the once over. I can say, however, that I absolutely would buy a $15 per month subscription that would allow me to download all the content that tickles my fancy to my mobile device.

It would be stupid for MS to allow Zune MarketPlace content to play only on the Zune. My guess is that like iTunes, you will be able to play content on the computer that the Zune application is installed on. It shouldn’t be a stretch for MS to come up with a way for Zune content to play on Windows Mobile devices.

What do you think?

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