Android Powered BlackBerryI just read an interesting post over on ZDNet how a Google Android powered BlackBerry would be the ‘Perfect Storm‘, pun intended.  I’ve actually thought for a while that RIM should create a device that runs Android.

A “Perfect Storm”: The Linux-based Android OS, and tight integration with Google’s web services, running on  BlackBerry hardware and connected to RIM’s corporate messaging/calendar syncing infrastructure would be an unstoppable mobile enterprise device platform that not even Apple’s iPhone, Windows Mobile or Palm webOS could dare to challenge. But could the marriage ever be consummated?

Even before I thought that Google and RIM should get together on a device that runs Android I thought that RIM should have bought Palm when they were on the cheap and developed their WebOS as the next BlackBerry OS.  I don’t think, for most BlackBerry users, the BlackBerry OS is what draws them to the device.

RIM, with an exception or two, puts out quality hardware that just works and works well for what you use it for.  Advances in the OS have been long in the tooth, however, and I wonder if it is time to take some of the great features of the BlackBerry OS and run them securely on an next-gen mobile OS like Android.

What do you think?