If you really are into gadgets and electronics, chances are you’ve heard of if not bought something from Newegg.com, the second largest online retailer in the United States.  In an effort to make it just a bit easier to satisfy your urge to buy electronics no matter where you are Newegg Inc. has released Newegg Mobile for BlackBerry, a free download in BlackBerry App World.

Newegg Mobile for BlackBerry features:

  • Comprehensive product specifications.
  • 1.7+ millions customer reviews.
  • Detailed item image gallery.
  • Quick and simple shopping flow.
  • Simple and quick search function.
  • Good for deal hunting: Shell Shockers, Daily Deals and Free Shipping.
  • All purchases made on Newegg Mobile are routed through Newegg’s secure servers.

If you decide to try Newegg Mobile out, come back and leave us a comment telling us what you think about the app.  Personally, I won’t be installing anything that makes shopping for things I like online any easier until I recover from all the holiday shopping that I have done recently…

Check Newegg Mobile for BlackBerry out in BlackBerry App World