Save the date folks! On September 24th 2014, BlackBerry is planning to host a special invite only event in Dubai, London and Toronto. Now there is a lot of speculation on what BlackBerry plans to unveil at this event including the much talked about BlackBerry Passport device and or some hot new software simply called BlackBerry Blend.

I wish I was able to make any of the 3 specified event locations in order to provide the best news coverage available but at this time seems like I’ll be watching from the sidelines. Let’s hope they broadcast and stream the events live on line in order provide a chance for those not as fortunate to experience all of the festivities online that BlackBerry has to offer.

I am very excited to see what BlackBerry has up their sleeves and maybe just maybe we might get a Playbook 2, now that would be just too awesome. What do you think BlackBerry will announce at this special event?