Yesterday at a New York press conference Bill McDermott, president and CEO of SAP Americas and Asia Pacific Japan, announced that SAP CRM has been natively integrated into the BlackBerry giving mobile workers full access to all of SAP CRM’s features which will automatically be pushed to them on their device.

There are 800 million mobile professionals worldwide and this will grow to 1 billion by 2010. The bottom line: SAP and RIM have now converged the worlds of applications and mobility on the BlackBerry and you will have applications, business processes and productivity on your hip.

This native integration will allow sales people to check leads or look up sales activity and purchase orders, etc. just as easily as they check email or look at their calendar.

BlackBerry devices with native SAP CRM integration are expected to be available within the next few months, however, SAP isn’t stopping with just CRM integration. SAP plans to put all of their business applications on the BlackBerry.

“CRM’s just the start here; we will continue to build this out – ERP, the supply chain, industry applications,” said Bob Stutz, SAP’s executive vice president and general manager, Industries and CRM Products.