This is is the week that the NTP vs. RIM patent infringement case could come to a head. I don’t think it will though…

Friday, February 24th, 2006 the biggest case in U.S. patent history could change the way many Americans receive email while on the go as District Judge James R. Spencer possibly hands down his ruling on an injunction against the sale of BlackBerry devices and BlackBerry service in the United States. I could be wrong (and usually am when starting sentences with “I could be wrong”) but if Judge Spencer actually hands down and injunction, I think that he will immediately stay it contingent upon the final ruling of the USPTO on the validity of the patents in question.

I know that Judge Spencer has stated he doesn’t have to wait to rule until the USPTO is done doing their business to rule, however, it just doesn’t make sense to throw U.S. businesses into such turmoil over patents, that by all accounts, will be rendered invalid.

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