As many of you have noticed, and, even a few have mentioned, RIMarkable has a new look.  It’s something that we’ve been wanting to update for quite a while, but, to make a long story short, as bad as old theme looked on the outside, it didn’t compare at all to the mess that we had going on underneath the hood.

I won’t go into all the things that were wrong, but, before we could slap on a new coat of paint, we needed to move to a new host with legs that could support all the traffic that RIMarkable has been getting lately.  That new host is, and, I can honestly tell you that they are the best web host I’ve ever had.

RIMarkable had a lot of problems .  Moving from my old host to wasn’t as simple as just backing up the database and files, installing WordPress at the new location, restoring everything, and redirecting DNS to our new home.  It should have been, but, our WordPress installation was truly jacked up.

I’ve got to give it to Nick and his team at  In the two and a half months since moving RIMarkable over, these guys have spent countless hours in the wee hours of the morning tweaking, configuring, testing, and troubleshooting every  Linux, MySQL, Apache, LiteSpeed, and WordPress configuration you can imagine in an effort to get RIMarkable to a stable and fully functional state.  Instead of me having to contact to let them know that my server was down or that it seemed to be sluggish,  Nick and his team at would contact me to let me know that they see an issue and often correct it before I even get the email letting me know that there was a problem.

RIMarkable is a site about BlackBerrys and smartphones and I will promptly get back to talking about them after this post.  I just want to say that based on my experience, is one hell of a host, and, if you are in the market for one, you’ll do yourself well to check these guys out.