I have been, along with 7 other BlackBerry experts, featured in an article by Russell Shaw from BBHub, over on his IP Telephony, VOIP, and BroadBand blog on ZDNet. I was basically asked to give my opinion on what will happen tomorrow when Judge James R. Spencer hands down his ruling on if BlackBerry sales and service should be halted in the United States.

Here is what I had to say:

I personally just don’t think that Research in Motion would actually be shut down. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially notified both NTP and Research in Motion that they fully intend to invalidate the 5 NTP patents that RIM was found guilty of infringing upon in their final review and has already done so on every non-final review to date. It just wouldn’t make sense to cause the kind of financial chaos that a shutdown of BlackBerry service in the United States would create if a mission critical application with hundreds of millions of dollars in business process wrapped around it were shutdown because an “impatient” judge who is “tired of dealing with” the case cannot wait to see what the final word on the validity of the patents is from the USPTO.