With the increasing popularity of Twitter and the number of BlackBerry users Tweeting from their devices, we just figured that it would be a matter of time before RIM released a native Twitter client for the BlackBerry.

According to CrackBerry:

It’ll be a BIS-B Push based handheld client leveraging RIM’s past app experiences and making use of the new components being developed within MySpace projects. It will feature core BlackBerry application integration, and be tied in to the address book, browser and device setup wizard. You can expect the user interface to be along the same lines as other RIM-built social networking apps and offer a similar experience. As for features, it’ll have everything you’d expect a twitter app these days to have, including trending topics.

I am willing to bet that, like MySpace for BlackBerry and especially Facebook for Blackerry, Twitter for BlackBerry, once released, will quickly become one of the most downloaded BlackBerry applications of all time.

There are quite a few BlackBerry Twitter clients out there, several of which are quite good.  My guess is that a few of the 3rd party BlackBerry Twitter clients, like UberTwitter and Social Scope will survive, simply because so many BlackBerry users already use them.  It will be interesting, however, to see what happens to the lesser known clients and also the Twitter clients that have yet to come out.

If you are a developer working on a BlackBerry Twitter client that hasn’t come out yet, my strong suggestion is that you make sure you release it before RIM releases their native client.  We have no idea when Twitter for BlackBerry will launch, however, if you expect to see any significant adoption of your 3rd party client, the sooner you get it out the better.