If you have read any news about BlackBerry marker Reserach in Motion in the last two days, chances are that it had something to do with the NTP Patent infringement case or RIM’s stock (RIMM) tanking more than 5% yesterday before trading was haulted because of perceived bad news about the NTP patent suite.

The timing of all this litigation news couldn’t come at a worse time for RIM in my opinion because Microsoft is entering the mobile email space, and like every other space the enter in to, they plan to dominate it. I have already heard a MS rep pitch Windows Mobile 5 over BlackBerry because of the uncertainty factor with all the NTP vs. RIM litigation.

Mircrosoft has a very long way to go to make in dent in RIM’s market share, however, one that thing that we are certain of is that they are in this game for the long haul. Even though RIM is much further along with BlackBerry, there is uncertainty around where RIM will be in two years. Since the Internet Bubble bust, IT managers try to avoid uncertainty like the plague.

There is an old saying that IT managers don’t get fired over buying Microsoft, and when are faced with a decision to roll out BlackBerry devices that you aren’t certain about where they will be in the future, or go with Microsoft, the Redmond based software giant doesn’t look too bad.