In case you haven’t heard, the Indian government said that they would put a ban on BlackBerrys (BlackBerry data that is) if Research in Motion didn’t provide Indian based telecoms that support the BlackBerry a means to monitor traffic being sent and received on RIM’s secure BlackBerry network. BlackBerry data is encrypted which prevents India’s Union Home Ministry from monitoring messages sent on the devices.

Research in Motion is, however, expected to provide a solution early next week, that will ease the concerns and meet the 15 day deadline set by the Indian government back in March.

“BlackBerry is cooperating and they are saying they will come up with a solution to the issue any day now”, said T.V. Ramachandran, director general of the Cellular Operators’ Association of India (COAI). “I am hopeful of seeing a solution even before 9th, I mean some time early next week.”

India currently only has about 400,000 BlackBerry users, however, the country is one of the fastest growing emerging markets and the BlackBerry is poised to do very well there so long as RIM can address the governments security concerns.