Even though the touch BlackBerry Bold 9900 was the only next-generation officially announced back at BlackBerry World 2011 this past May, several new BlackBerry 7 devices or in the works, and, it looks like they will be officially announced tommorow, July 26th at an event RIM is calling #BB7FanNight.

We’d be willing to bet that the tomorrow’s announcements will go something like this…

  • Sprint:
    BlackBerry Bold 9900 –  
    The first ever touchscreen Bold will be released as early as next week, most likely August 5th or 6th.
    BlackBerry PlayBook – Dan Hesse and his crew will be the first to get the 4G capable tablet from RIM.  This has been expected for quite some time, and the release date is still up in the air.
  • Verizon:
    BlackBerry Bold 9900 – Big Red will also get the touchscreen Bold, most likely in the first or second week of August
    BlackBerry 9860 – This is a variation of the Torch, however without the Qwerty keypad.  It will be full touchscreen and most likely will be out before the end of August. Expect this one to come with a 32GB microSD card attached to it.
    BlackBerry PlayBook – VZW will also get the 4G PlayBook, still no details on when it will be relased, only that it will be after Sprint.
  • AT&T:
    BlackBerry Torch 9810 – The Torch 2 has been seen all over the Internet.  Expect it on the shelves by the 27th of August.
    BlackBerry Bold 9900 – Mah Bell is getting the tablet as well, also by the end of August.
  • T-Mobile:
    BlackBerry Bold 9900 – It’s safe to say all four carriers will get the new Bold.  Magenta will have it by the end of August, just like the rest of them.
[Via Twitter]