When RIM decided to go after developers they chose to create a hardware device that would run the new BlackBerry 10 Operating system. This would allow developers to have a feel on just how applications created would run on a BlackBerry 10 hardware device. This was an awesome idea because it gave developers a device rather than a simulator that they could use everyday and totally grasp some of the true power of the BlackBerry 10 Operating System.

Back at BlackBerry World 2012 in Florida , developers who qualified , were presented with the Dev Alph A device. This was pure excitement, not only for developers but for those BlackBerry enthusiast who just needed to see something from RIM that would give them a much-needed confidence boost that in fact BlackBerry 10 is real and not just a myth.

After the very successful BlackBerry World in Florida , RIM decided to take the tour on the road and launch a series of events across the globe , specifically targeting developers. These series of events would be called BlackBerry Jam World Tour.

As BlackBerry Jam World Tour made its successful progression around the globe, selling out at almost all Jam events, RIM would eventually run out of the Dev Alpha A devices. With only so many Dev Alpha A  devices created and the ever so high demand from developers , RIM had no choice but to put in production the Dev Alpha B device.

Below are the specs for both devices recently released by Research In Motion, Enjoy!