Russell Shaw from BBHub makes a very good point about how BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion, is shifting from a company that up until recently, released very little information about future BlackBerry devices and features coming down the pipe, to a company that “that embraces the online world- including blogs- as a way to spread anticipation excitement about forthcoming features.”

To make a long story short, RIM is starting to see the value in allowing people like Russell and other mobile technology bloggers, myself included, to talk about BlackBerry gear yet to be released in order to generate “buzz” and interest.

Take the Motorola Q for example. Even though it is a battery hog, reboots twice a day, and will crack wide open if you even think about dropping it, has to be seen as hugely successful. Motorola and Verizon hyped this thing up for months and that hype worked because stores cannot keep them on the shelves.

I personally was probably a week or two away from buying a Q myself and carrying it as a personal phone until I heard that a BlackBerry with a camera (image capture as RIM calls it), removable memory, an MP3 player, and GPS is on the horizon. I still may buy a Q, however, I will at least wait bit longer to see if this new BlackBerry will be offered on Verizon’s network.

When you think about it, getting me to wait a bit longer is the whole point. Even though the Treo 700w did extremely well, it didn’t do as well as it probably could have because people waited for the Motorola Q. They waited for it because they knew it was coming as every gadget freak with a blog talked about just how cool it was three to six months before it ever came out.

It looks like Research in Motion has quickly learned as they move into the individual consumer market that “buzz” is everything.