Over on the Inside BlackBerry for Business blog, Research in Motion has listed the “Top Five Features of BlackBerry 7 for Business Users“.   Those features are:

  1. Documents To Go® Premium
  2. BlackBerry Messenger 6
  3. BlackBerry® Balance™ Technology
  4. Liquid Graphics™ Technology
  5. Voice-Enabled Universal Search

Seriously RIM?  You’ve have got to be able to come out with a better list than this…

You can already get Documents to Go and BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry 6 and earlier versions of the BlackBerry OS.  BlackBerry Balance is kind of cool and addresses a real problem for consumers that buy their own BlackBerry devices, but, have all their personal stuff controlled by their corporate IT policy.  Liquid Graphics = Graphics on par with competition and Voice-Enabled Universal Search, from the description in the post, sounds like it would be much more useful to a consumer as compared to a business user.  There is like one really cool thing in this list…

I’ve been asked more than a few times by business users if they should upgrade to a new BlackBerry 7 smartphone, or, just stick with the device they have until QNX on the BlackBerry comes out.  I don’t think this list is going to do much to get them to buy now as compared to waiting.

[Via Inside BlackBerry for Business]