It looks like Research in Motion is getting into the social networking game by launching their very own BlackBerry social network named MyBlackBerry.

MyBlackBerry, gives device owners a social profile where they can share opinions on their favorite apps, accessories as well as tips and tricks they use on their devices. More importantly, they can also vent about all of these things with fellow users, and RIM will be there to listen. The whole thing looks more like a bulletin board than what you might consider to be a traditional social network nowadays, but that’s probably a good idea to streamline it and make it all about information.

The site will be personalized based on what actual BlackBerry device you have, we’re told. So you won’t see loads of information about the BlackBerry Storm, if you don’t have that model.

BerryReviews’s Ronen Halevy has been secretly working with Research in Motion on MyBlackBerry and says that, “All in all, its a good start”, but, feels that MyBlackBerry still needs a lot of work if it does indeed launch tomorrow.

We will have to keep our eyes open for this one…