Word on the street, quite literally, is that RIM has shelved Plans to release an Android powered tablet later this year and have shifted focus to a BlackBerry OS powered device for sometime in 2011.


This news is curious on several fronts.  The first being that RIM was working on a Tablet.  Big Mike said that the BlackBerry was essentially a netbook in December of ’08 so what does RIM really mean by tablet.  Second, RIM was working on a tablet that ran Android to come out this year, but, decided to go with the BlackBerry OS on a device  that will debut in 2011.

OK, maybe it’s just me, but, after watching the BlackBerry 6 sneak peek video, I didn’t get the feeling that it was so bad assed it would compete with the iPad if you “tablified” it.

I just hope that BlackBerry 6 on the next BlackBerry Storm is the bomb, as compared to flat out bombing.