The Official BlackBerry Blog

So, RIM has decided to get into the blogging game and has launched Inside BlackBerry…  The Official BlackBerry Blog.  I wonder if it will have any legs?

The BlackBerry Support Community Forums have just celebrated their first birthday and with hundreds of thousands of posts in their first year, one has to admit that RIM has been pretty successful as far as their forums go.  It will be interesting to see, however, if they can capture lightning in a bottle twice.

Inside BlackBerry has a team of bloggers so they should be able to pump out content pretty regularly.  They aren’t privy to most of the hot topics they know you love to speculate on — RIM’s financials, unreleased products, pricing and carrier information. So unfortunately they won’t be commenting on these areas.

You can check out the official BlackBerry Blog over at  Just don’t forget about the good ole <shameless plug>Unofficial BlackBerry Weblog</shameless plug> that has been running since 2004…