RIM gets a small victory in NTP patent dispute caseIt’s been a long, expensive, and frustrating six months when it comes to Research in Motion their long standing patent dispute with NTP.  At the end of last year, RIM lawyers said that they wouldn’t settle.  In March, RIM and NTP settled for 450 million dollars, one of the largest patent infringement settlements ever.  Just a few weeks ago RIM and NTP went to court again because they cannot agree on what they agreed on.

The U.S. Patent Office offered a bit of a reprieve for Research in Motion on Friday because they rejected the 5th in a row of 8 patents that NTP is claiming.

The latest patent-office rejection appears to be setting the stage for a potential nullification of the entire set of patents at the heart of the dispute between NTP and RIM. It also opens up the possibility that their multi year lawsuit–which the two parties agreed to settle last March–may turn out to be moot.

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