Research in Motion CFO, Dennis Kavelman, says that the BlackBerry maker has dominated the market with over 5 million BlackBerry users by focusing on the corporate market, but it now wants to make a push into the small business market.

Beyond the enterprise, we’re trying to increase into other channels – the small business market is one that is big, yet it’s much more fragmented.

You have to hit a lot more small IT (information technology) managers and small companies to get the same volumes.

We’re going to be doing a lot of work to really turbo-charge this part of our business: the small business (and) retail consumer. I think that’s going to be very, very interesting over the next 12 months for us.

So, if I read between the lines , I think, or at least hope, what the the chief bean counter is saying is that over the next year or so, RIM will finally start to come out with devices with features that compete directly with other smart phones that have the cool features that most SMB buyers flock to.

Via Reuters

Dennis Kavelman, RIM CFO