You’ve probably heard by now that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion sued Samsung, maker for the BlackJack, stating that the name BlackJack infringed on RIM’s trademarked name of BlackBerry.

In its lawsuit, RIM suggested it was no accident that Samsung used a different name overseas, where BlackBerry is less popular, and then chose the BlackJack name for the market where BlackBerry is best known. RIM’s lawsuit also suggested that Samsung chose the BlackJack to take advantage of the recent launch a BlackBerry device called the Pearl that is similarly small and also black in color.

Well, it looks like the two companies have come to some type of agreement.

RIM said in a statement that the settlement of the lawsuit it filed in December includes “immediate provisions for the protection of RIM’s valuable trademarks,” but that the companies had agreed to keep specific terms of the deal confidential.

Financial terms weren’t disclosed, however, I imagine that Samsung cut RIM one of those “Happy Gilmore” size checks.

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