Orative’s presence technology has caught the attention of Research in Motion, which is rolling out the Orative Client Software for it’s BlackBerry devices.

“What is presence technology” you ask? Well, think of an instant messaging application. You can see who is online before you ever send an instant message. This can make you way more productive than just sending an email because you have a pretty good idea that the recipient will respond back to you immediately. Orative will allow users to set their own availability status and see when others are available before sending emails or placing calls.

Mobile devices are a critical part of daily communications in the enterprise, and BlackBerry is a popular choice with many business professionals,” Orative CEO Paul Fulton said in a prepared statement. “With Orative software, BlackBerry users can now view the availability status of their colleagues right from the phonebook to determine whether it is more efficient to reach a person by making a call or sending a message.

The Orative software is supported by BlackBerry devices in the 7100 Series, 7200 Series, 7500 Series and 7700 Series that are being used by enterprises that have deployed the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.