Many of you know that I am one of the biggest BlackBerry fans out there. Heck, we’ve blogged about the darned things just about every day for the passed three years. I, however, have taken issue with the number of times RIM has had some type of BlackBerry outage over the passed year and it would appear that I am not alone…

Research in Motion has had so many BlackBerry outages and, in my opinion, done such a poor job of notifying the public when they are experiencing issues, that a group of BlackBerry using individuals have banded together to form, home of the the BB-Outage mail list.

BB-Outage is a mail list for people to notify others if RIM’s data service or a carriers data service is down in a particular area. If Data Service is down in China, USA, A particular state, city, country, etc., for people then post the area to the list so others are notified. It’s probably best to subscribe from an address that’s not associated with your Blackberry since if RIM’s data service is down, you won’t get the e-mail anyhow.

This is kind of a cool idea. It’s sad, however, that it is necessary.