Rumor has it that MySpace still has well over 100 million users.  I personally don’t know any of them and, other than the time I created an account last fall to test MySpace for BlackBerry Smartphones when it was released, have not even visited the site intentionally.

That being said, MySpace for BlackBerry Smartphones 2.0 is now (or will soon be) available.  You can find a list of new features after the jump…

MySpace for Blackberry Smartphones 2.0 features:

  • Blogs: You can post blog entries, edit blog entries, and delete blog entries. You can also view your friends’ blogs.
  • Notifications: You can choose which MySpace email notifications you want to receive. You can also choose to stop receiving a new item indicator on the Home screen of your BlackBerry device when you receive a new MySpace profile comment or friend request.
  • Custom Moods: You can type a custom mood for your MySpace profile.
  • Fixed issue: Previously, apostrophes do not display correctly in your friends’ names and comments.

I am still seeing MySpace for BlackBerry 1.5 on AppWorld and on the BlackBerry homepage but we have it on good word the MySpace for BlackBerry 2.0 will be up soon.

Download MySpace for BlackBerry Smartphones 2.0