Many of us, myself included, have asked for all kinds of new features such as Wi-fi, memory slots, digital cameras, voice command dialing and stuff like that in new BlackBerry devices but I have a simple request that won’t make next-generation BlackBerries any less secure than the ones that we have today. Research in Motion, could you please add spell-check? Pretty please?

I am one of those mid-thrity something Generation Xers that is the first generation that has absolutely no idea how to spell or punctuate anything. Not because we didn’t learn good grammar in grade school. But because by the time we got of college, hitting F7 had become second nature. Take this post for example, I fully expect 4 or 5 grammatical mistakes to be corrected before I actually publish it.

Some analyst say that the mobile wireless email market could increase by 500% to 800% by 2009. My theory is that spelling and grammar could get so bad by that time, no one could understand anything that they send and receive so they revert back to using their laptops.

So once again Research in Motion. Please add spell-check to BlackBerry. Not doing so could kill the entire mobile wireless email industry.