executor keychainRemember the Executor keychain from back in the day?  You know, the one that made all those cool sound effects like sirens, machine guns, phasers and more?  I believe it was 8 sound effects in all.  I spent many an afternoon in recess detention because I couldn’t resist shooting and dropping bombs on my 6th grade math teacher Mrs. Richardson.

Well,  genuises at Generation Media Group, have come out with a superdee duperdee way to cross an Executor keychain with a  Blackberry and have come out with bbExecutor, arguably the best BlackBerry application ever developed…

that crosses an Executor keychain with a BlackBerry.

You can pick up bbExecutor for just $0.99 in the RIMarkable Store through July 31st.  If you aren’t convinced that this is the best BlackBerry App ever, just watch the video… Then pick up bbExecutor up in the store.

Have fun annoying the hell out co-workers, loved ones, 6th grade math teachers, and strangers sitting near you at the airport wondering where that noise is coming from.