RealPlayer SP BetaOne of the cool things that BlackBerry devices have been able to do, pretty much since RIM did away with the track wheel, is play video.  The only problem was that it was a real pain to download, convert, and upload video to your device.  RealPlayer SP, which was just released as a beta a few days ago aims to change this…  For free…

With RealPlayer SP beta, converting video that you download from sites like YouTube and thousdands of others could not be any simpler.   Once RealPlayer SP beta is installed, simply right click on any video that you upload.  RealPlayer SP will automatically download the video, convert it to a format that your BlackBerry or other device uderstands, and even upload the file for you.

RealPlayer SP also alows you to share your coverted video to popular sites such as Twitter,  and Facebook.  Upgrade to RealPlayer SP Plus for $39.99 and gain the ability to burn DVDs with a single click.

I’ve only been playing with RealPlayer SP for a few minutes so I am not ready to give it a full review as of yet, however, the app seems to be pretty easy to use when first getting stared.

You can check out RealPlayer SP for yourself  here.