Have you ever tried to browse a website with flash animations, javascript, and a lot of graphics from your BlackBerry? If you have then you are familiar with the long page-load times and being unable to make out the hieroglyphics that eventually show up on your screen. Well, those days are over when you use IYHY.com.

IYHY.com is an absolutely free web application that strips all the crap from a web page and gives you the good stuff when you’re on the go — the content.

If you sign-up for free with IYHY it will keep a running, editable list of your “mobile bookmarks” on your account homepage. That way they’re easily accessible when you’re on your mobile device. If you don’t sign-up, that’s cool too, you can still use it for individual sites.

You may wonder what IHYH stands for, but, according to B. Adam Howell, the man behind IYHY.com, IYHY really doesn’t stand for anything but is really easy to thumb out on a mobile phone.