QuickPlay Media says that QuickPlayer for BlackBerry, their streaming audio service, is ‘ready for launch’.

QuickPlayer for BlackBerry offers:

  • Streamed audio plays immediately; no need to wait for a download
  • Bandwidth efficient content produced and encoded to optimize data
  • Viral marketing capability encourages users to send application to a friend
  • Premium channels content secured by QuickPlay, customizable by carrier
  • Carrier-ready billing interfaces are available for direct integration into wireless billing platform
  • Multi-network support for BlackBerry 8700™, BlackBerry 7130™ and BlackBerry Pearl™ series devices

All that is really left to do is get the wireless carriers on board.

QucikPlay Media actually has a web form that ‘wireless carriers’ can fill out if they are interested in QuickPlayer for BlackBerry. If QuickPlayer were being marketed directly towards consumers, the “fill out this form and we will contact you” form might actually work. I just don’t think, however, that the corporate execs high enough up in Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint to even make a decision about QuickPlayer for BlackBerry are going to be filling out web forms to get more information anytime soon.

I certainly hope that QuickPlay Media has a sales force that will be camping out at the corporate headquarters of the big carriers trying to get them roll this stuff out as quickly as possible. A large number of BlackBerry users buy unlimited data plans so I could see a company that attacks the streaming media market popping up on the consumer side of things very quickly, especially now that the next generation of BlackBerry devices offer enhanced multimedia capabilities.