We all know that the current BlackBerry Browser leaves much to be desired. Until the release of the new Webkit browser we’re stuck with this lackluster one. One gripe that BlackBerry users have with respect to the browser is its speed. Fortunately with a few setting tweaks in browser options you’ll notice a significant increase in your browsing speed.

  1. Launch BlackBerry Browser and select Options from the BlackBerry menu.
  2. Select Browser Configuration from the Browser Options screen.
  3. Deselect Support JavaScript and Save Options from the BlackBerry menu and click Save Options on the BlackBerry menu.
  4. On  the Browser Options page select General Properties.
  5. On the General Properties page scroll down to Image Quality and change that option to Low (faster).
  6. Select Animations and change that value down to either 10 times or Once, then, click  Save Options from the BlackBerry Menu.

It may not seem like much, but these alterations will make a dramatic difference in your browsing experience even while browsing on EDGE (at least it did for me). Now, the caveats to making these changes are that images will be of poor quality. I’d rather take a shorter loading time than pretty pictures. Also, since we disabled JavaScript, certain pages won’t load properly. Usually there’ll be a popup messages asking if you’d like to reload with Java enabled (just for that page), if not, simply click the ‘J’ key and the page will refresh with Java enabled.

Make these changes and report back on the differences you notice, if any, in your BlackBerry Browser speed?