Word on the street is that Verizon has released Push to Talk for BlackBerry devices.  The 170KB application can be downloaded from the Verizon App Center, however, you must call Verizon customer service to activate Push to Talk on your plan and there is a $5.00 per month charge for the service.

With Verizon Push to Talk you can:

  • Make quick exchanges.
    Push one button to contact team members or clients.
  • Place group calls.
    Hold conversations with as many as 50 total participants.
  • Check team member status with Presence.
    See who is available for a Push to Talk call.
  • Manage contacts for the entire company online.
    Add, delete and assign contacts, create groups and more.
  • Use one number, one device.
    Make and receive voice calls without needing a second device or phone number.
  • Enjoy coast-to-coast coverage.
    Connect on our nationwide broadband network, and get expanded coverage across the United States within the National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area.

If anyone decides to give the service a go, we would love to hear your initial impressions.  Just leave us a note in the comments.