Klomptek Announces Launch of Track and Protect (TnP) Beta-test Program for
BlackBerry Devices

Beta testers will be able to evaluate the entire range of TnP features,
including remote tracking, camera control and call-back features

Zaandam, The Netherlands – October 21, 2010 – Klomptek, an innovative software
development company specializing in mobile device management and security
solutions, announces the launch of a public beta program for its Track and
Protect (TnP) client-server web security service for BlackBerry devices.
Participants will be able to engage and test the full range of security features
of the TnP remote management tool to monitor, lock and wipe data in the event
that their BlackBerry is lost or stolen.

BlackBerry users are invited to send an email to trackandprotect@klomptek.com,
listing their device’s model number, their mobile phone number and country of
residence to receive a download link.  Prospective participants may also visit
Klomptek’s TnP Facebook page
(http://www.facebook.com/pages/Track-and-Protect/168119466533491) for details.
TnP is currently commercially available for Android and Symbian devices.

TnP is a remote management tool and security application that allows users to
monitor, lock and wipe data from a lost or stolen cell phone.  In addition to
being able to secure content on the device through remote commands sent via the
TnP web service, users are able to track the location of the missing phone in
real time through the TnP online mapping system and take photographs from the
device of its present surroundings, with the ability to listen in and capture
images of the phone’s current possessor.  TnP allows users to collect enough
information — including current location, new phone number, operator ID and
facial photographs — to generate a substantive police report.  All features are
operable even after illegal SIM change.

About Klomptek BV:
Klomptek is an innovative software development company that creates advanced but
easy-to-use software and services in the area of Mobile Device and Security
Management.  Klomptek provides advanced mobile phone clients and secure
high-tech Cloud (SaaS) web services for Distributors, Resellers, Operators,
Manufacturers, Service providers and Consumers.  Founded in 2009, Klomptek is
based in Zaandam, the Netherlands. To learn more about Klomptek and its
products, please visit http://www.klomptek.com or

Website: http://www.trackandprotect.com