PrivacyStar is a BlackBerry application that we’ve talked about a few times here on RIMarkable.  It, essentially, is a call blocking application with reverse phone number look up built in.  First Orion put a press release out today announcing that it’s call blocking features have been improved.  You can view the press release in it’s entirety after the jump, however, if you would just like to give PrivacyStar a go and check it out for yourself, First Orion is offering a 7-day free trial of PrivacyStar.

First Orion Announces Upgrades to PrivacyStar for BlackBerry Smartphones

Powerful Privacy App Adds New Call Blocking Features

CONWAY, Ark., April 6 /PRNewswire/ — First Orion today announced upgrades to its popular PrivacyStar™ BlackBerry app. The new version improves overall performance speed, call lookup accuracy and expands call blocking features.

PrivacyStar now allows users to block entire area codes and groups of numbers used by bill collectors and telemarketers (800, 866 or 888), including those that spoof their numbers with prefixes such as 000. The updates also improve the user experience by making the application faster.

“We expect that with improved performance and expanded call blocking options, PrivacyStar will continue to resonate positively with BlackBerry users,” said Jeff Stalnaker, CEO of First Orion. “We’ve had 100,000 users look up almost a million numbers and file over 20,000 complaints with the appropriate authorities, and this update will help our users take further control of their phones.”

PrivacyStar remains the first and only mobile app that captures detailed information about possible telemarketing violations including date, time, number and identity and makes it easy for users to supply this information to law enforcement authorities for investigation.

PrivacyStar provides comprehensive call blocking functionality. BlackBerry users can block individual numbers, entire area codes or enter any combination of digits for a truly personalized service. Using PrivacyStar’s new group blocking feature, users can block telemarketers who transmit a string of random numbers or spoof their number. All blocked numbers are viewable on a web portal that is synchronized with the user’s smartphone.

PrivacyStar allows users to easily identify unknown callers, even those calling from 1-800 numbers. BlackBerry users can see who is calling them by accessing the Caller Lookup feature to identify the caller then choose to block that call or add it to their address book.

PrivacyStar Features and Benefits

  • Simple to Use – After receiving an unwanted call, select the number from the call log to add to the Privacy List and that call will be blocked in the future
  • Report Potential Telemarketing Violations – Upon the user’s request, PrivacyStar captures detailed information about possible violations including date, time, number and identity. PrivacyStar allows users to easily provide this information to law enforcement authorities so they may take action
  • Caller Lookup – After receiving a call from a number that is not recognized PrivacyStar Caller Lookup allows a user to identify unknown callers by name and take appropriate action, such as adding to the contacts list or Privacy List
  • Web Portal – Utilize the fully integrated personal web portal to manage blocked callers (including unblocking), provide additional details on violations and manage the PrivacyStar account

About PrivacyStar

PrivacyStar allows users to lookup callers not in their address book, block unwanted callers and report Do Not Call List violators to authorities. PrivacyStar is available for $2.99 (USD) per month or for discounted semi-annual and annual periods after a free 7-day trial period. BlackBerry users in the United States and Canada can download PrivacyStar at, BlackBerry® App World or by texting “myprivacy” to 74700.

About First Orion

First Orion delivers the only network-based privacy and preference service to wireline, wireless, VoIP users and smartphones. First Orion has patented numerous privacy and preference solutions and is based in Conway, Arkansas. The company provides consumers the best in phone privacy solutions.

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