Ever get an email on your BlackBerry that you wanted to print out but didn’t have time to pull your laptop out, boot up, connect to your corporate network, synch your email, then print it out?  No Worries, Content Beamer for BlackBerry makes that ritual a thing of the passed on your Bluetooth enabled BlackBerry.

The word on the street is that Berlin Based ThinPrint’s latest version of the software is now available worldwide and has a broader range of functions than initialy promised back in April. 

The Bluetooth printing function of Content Beamer for BlackBerry makes it possible to print out all email and email attachments in original format onto almost any printer. The email attachment does not have to be downloaded to be printed out. Instead, the server component of the software sends a highly compressed print job to the handheld. This way, it takes less time to print out the attachment than it would take to download the file.