PGP Corporation, the global customer standard for encryption and digital-signature solutions, and Research in motion, today announce plans to work together to allow BlackBerry users to send and receive PGP-secured email with PGP Support Package for BlackBerry later this year.

The PGP Support Package for BlackBerry enables organizations to seamlessly integrate PGP Universal and BlackBerry Handhelds. With this integrated solution, organizations can deploy, centrally manage, and consistently enforce security policies for electronic communications using PGP Universal without regard to whether the source or destination is a desktop system within the corporate network or a mobile professional using a BlackBerry Handheld.

The PGP Support Package for BlackBerry is designed to work in conjunction with PGP Universal and will be released sometime later this year. Features include:

  • Seamless BlackBerry integration
  • Handheld-based encryption & decryption
  • Centralized email security policy
  • Over-the-air PGP Universal enrollment
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange & Lotus Notes

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