RIMarkable reader Curtis just sent us an email this morning telling us about a free BlackBerry application that gives you pretty good local search capabilities that rival Beyond 411, one of my top free BlackBerry downloads of all time.

He said, “There is a application that you might want to mention to your readers that I just picked up on. It is called Poynt for BlackBerry and is a free local search utility that rivals Beyond 411. Poynt pretty much gives you the same information but is a lot prettier.”

One thing that I know RIMarkable readers like are free BlackBerry applications so I figure that I would spread the word. I’ve only been playing with Poynt for about 45 seconds so I can’t give it a full review just yet. I can confirm, however, it is nice looking.

You can check it out by downloading it OTA directly to your BlackBerry. Just visit m.mypoynt.com via your devices BlackBerry browser. Let us know what you think in the comments.