I missed this last week, however, PocketDay 3.5 from Cross River Systems was released about a week ago and you can download a free 30 day trial. The new version includes a number of new enhancements including a Search Capability and the ability for PocketDay Professional to support Plug-In modules the first of which is PocketDay Sports.

New Features since version 2.71…

  • Added a Sports Plug-In
  • Added a new Search Capability
  • Added the ability for PocketDay to automatically detect changes to calendar and task items made in the native BlackBerry applications.
  • New Stock Information Provider
  • New Go To Date replaces the Go to Today key. This now allows any date selection in any view (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Removed the month and year selection boxes on the Month View. The new Go To Today key replaces this
  • Added a new communications transport that is able to be used generically on many carriers instead of WAP
  • Added new Start and Stop times for Refreshing Weather and Stocks. This helps with battery life
  • On email replies PocketDay now selects the proper From address for T-Mobile and others using the new email service
  • Tweaks for the 8700
  • Cosmetic changes on Weather Display