PhoneTag, who recently changed its name from SimulScribe, has added a really cool new feature. PhoneTag is the Visual VoiceMail application that we wrote a detailed review of the BlackBerry version a month or so ago.

The cool new feature that they added along with the changing of their name is the ability for you to upload your address book up to their servers. Doing so will allow their transcription software to send the transcribed message with your contacts name in the To field allowing you to quickly reply via email. It will also properly spell the contacts name so you immediately recognize who the message from.

This feature isn’t terribly new for BlackBerry users who download the SimulSays client to their device. When an email comes in the client software uses caller ID to search for a matching contact in your address book. It will, however, make PhoneTag much more usable for subscribers not fortunate enough to be using a BlackBerry.