PayPal 2.0 for the iPhone debuted this past week at CTIA 2010 with a cool new feature, “bump“, which allows users to virtually exchange money by bumping their iPhones together.  Users of other smartphones, however,  won’t be left out in the cold for too long because PayPal with “bump” mobile applications are coming to Android and BlackBerry devices in the next two to three months.

“Bumping” money transfers is a practical and convenient way to settle a bill, but right now the service is limited to iPhone users. For PayPal 2.0 to really become indispensable, users need to tap out transfers from any device. During our chat with PayPal at CTIA 2010 here in Las Vegas, we learned that updates to the Android and BlackBerry app are planned for the next two or three months.

[via CNET]