I was just reading over on Gizmodo where the Palm Treo 700wx from Sprint will be released on September 3rd. This is Sprints version of the fairly popular Windows Mobile powered Treo that first came out on Verizon.

If you really want a Treo that runs Windows Mobile 5 on Sprint’s network, this, hopefully non-hardware glitched, non-software bug ridden device can be yours for only $650 big ones or $150 less if you sign a 2-year contract with the carrier that arguably has the worst customer service, something you will need to use often if the trend of glitchy hardware and buggy software continues.

The Treo 700wx is way too expensive. It cost more than your middle of the line laptop. No wonder Palm is struggling to keep it’s head above water. They just don’t get it. Someone should have been paying attention to how the Motorola Q, albeit buggy with hardware and software issues of it’s own, destroyed the Treo 700w after it came out. Most people aren’t willing to pay that kind of money for a mobile phone, especially if it doesn’t work all that great.

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