The other day I was in Best Buy and I happened to notice a Palm device that that cost like $500 and it had no cell phone capability built in. It was straight “old school” Palm Pilot like.

I couldn’t believe it. I knew that Palm still made PDAs that weren’t Treos, however, I had no idea that they cost $500. I figured that there was a misprint on the price so I asked one of the dudes in the blue shirt how much this thing was supposed to really cost and, low and behold, it truly was $500.

Someone please explain to me how a Palm Pilot with no cellular technology can cost so much more than a Treo that does all of the same stuff plus doubles as a cell phone? I just don’t get it.

I guess that Best Buy wouldn’t sell them if people weren’t buying them. I just had no idea that the $500 PDA that isn’t a cell phone also market was still a big one.