Opera Software today announced that it has released Opera Mini, the mobile version of it’s internet browser software, and it runs on the BlackBerry.

Opera Mini for BlackBerry is definitely one of those free BlackBerry downloads that you want to get. As great as the BlackBerry is, the BlackBerry web browser is pretty horrible when compared to other mobile internet browser applications. I started using the beta version of Opera Mini and honestly, all but forgot about the BlackBerry browser. I actually hid the icon for it on my BlackBerry 7130.

If you are looking at webpages that aren’t optimized for small screens the BlackBerry browser, even with an EvDO connection takes forever to load. Opera Mini, on the other hand, reformats the code, compresses it, and displays it in a snap.

Opera Mini does take a bit of time to get used to and there are a few things that should be updated. For example, you have to exit completely out of Opera Mini to use any other function on your BlackBerry less making or receiving a call. This gets kind of annoying, however, if you can get used to it, Opera Mini is definitely worth the download.

You can download Opera Mini for BlackBerry OTA by visiting http://mini.opera.com right from your BlackBerry browser on you BB OS 4.0 or higher powered device.

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