Over a year a go I decided to move towards the “candybar” style BlackBerry 7100 series devices because I like the more traditional cell phone form factor and not being a big fan of belt clips, could easily slip my 7100t into my pocket like I had always done with my cell phones. I was a big fan of being able to use a wireless headset as well. The 7100 series BlackBerry devices are the reason that I only carry one device these days.

Even though, however, I am a huge fan of the BlackBerry 7100 series, you are often reminded that your device is BlackBerry shaped like cell phone and not a cell phone with a BlackBerry built into it. Needless to say, key cell phone features are lacking. This is why I think that one of the new features on the BlackBerry 7130e is really cool. You can assign different ringtones to various contacts in your address book.

I never knew how much I liked custom ringtones until I no longer had them when I moved to my BlackBerry 7100t. I used to have 10 or 12 numbers that I set custom ringtones to and you kind of get used to knowing who is calling just by the sound of the ringtone. My new BlackBerry 7130e should be arriving any day now and I am sure that I will once again set custom ringtones for 10 or 12 of my contacts.