Over the past couple of days BlackBerry users and supporters have been buzzing about the release of BlackBerry’s new “BlackBerry Community App “. I finally downloaded and installed the application this morning and was quite impressed with the amount of information and content found within the app itself.

The app is well built taking full advantage of the BlackBerry 10 user interface. The app has a total of 8 different links to choose from with each link providing you with a different category of various connected BlackBerry forums, blogs and even a link to BBM Channels.  

This is the perfect application if you like to stay connected with all the most up to date info concerning BlackBerry. From information about Business to finding that much needed developer support, The BlackBerry Community App will be your gateway for all your official BlackBerry news and information.

I have provided more details below and also a link to download the app as well. Enjoy!

The BlackBerry Community App is your window into the BlackBerry Community.
Read the official Inside BlackBerry Blogs:

• Inside BlackBerry
• Inside BlackBerry Help Blog
• Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog
• Inside BlackBerry Business Blog 

Access the BlackBerry Support Forums to read, write, reply, like and search forum posts. Quickly view a list of the newest posts in the forum or the latest posts you have participated in.  View and subscribe to a list of BBM Channels curated by BlackBerry.

Download App here at BlackBerry World