Om Malik, 15 year technology writing verteran, former senior writer at Business 2.0, and founder of the GigaOm network, has decided to drop his iPhone for the T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900.

Om’s move to the BlackBerry Curve 8900, wasn’t because of a failing of the iPhone itself, but, because of a failing of the network that the iPhone runs on.

AT&T’s network just wasn’t cutting it for me. I even tried using a BlackBerry, but the network issues never quite went away. Then over the past few days, my iPhone was spending ungodly stretches of time “searching” for the network, the download speeds of web pages slowed down, and email — well that’s a whole other story. The static, the dropped calls and above all the shoddy call quality were enough to raise my blood pressure. And given my medical history, that’s not a good thing. The only feature that worked flawlessly: SMS.

Om Plans to use his BlackBerry Curve 8900 primarily for SMS and Text.  He also got a Verizon mobile phone just for voice.   Om’s crew over at GigaOm have often referred to the iPhone as the superphone.  A weak network, however, reduces the superphone to an expensive iPod touch.

Welcome back to the BlackBerry Om.   Maybe you should write a post about how Verizon should come out with a new BlackBerry with a full QWERTY keyboard sooner rather than later.

[Via GigaOm]