• Phone.
  • Email and text messaging (SMS and MMS).
  • GPS-enabled for location-based services.*
  • BlackBerry Maps, the best way to find your way.*
  • Integrated address book, calendar, memo pad, task list.
  • Web browser.
  • Instant Messaging.
  • Media Player. Audio and video playback in a variety of formats.1
  • Full QWERTY keyboard.
  • The tethered modem capability lets you use the device as a wireless modem for your laptop or PC.
  • Speakerphone and Voice Activated Dialing.
  • Bluetooth capability for hands-free dialogue via headsets and car kits.
  • Stereo headset capable.
  • Integrated attachment viewing.
  • Compatibility with popular Personal Information Management (PIM) software.
  • High resolution, light sensing screen that adjusts lighting levels automatically for ideal indoor and outdoor viewing.
  • Dedicated Send, End and Mute keys, a pearl-like trackball navigation system, plus a user definable convenience key.
  • 64 MB of memory and expandable memory via microSD card.2

* Check with service provider for service plans and supported features and services.

  1. All audio and video files must be transferred to the smartphone before playing. Files can be transferred via USB cable, smartphone browser application or Bluetooth. For a complete list of supported media file formats visit www.blackberry8800.com
  2. The BlackBerry 8800 accepts microSD cards; the amount of storage is determined by card capacity.

BlackBerry 8800