According to, Nokia plans to release the 9300 featuring BlackBerry Connect in the United States in September.  The Nokia 9300 has been around for a while overseas but it’s release in the US is a huge milestone as it is the first device featuring BlackBerry Connect to be released Stateside. 

BlackBerry Connect has been available to handset makers for several years now but has yet to catch on in the US like initialy thought, possibly because of the NTP/RIM patent dispute.  Nokia has signed an independent licensing deal with NTP so they are clear of any litigation worries currently faced by Research in Motion. 

Some of the features of the Nokia 9300 include:

  • Advanced voice features:  handset speakerphone and conference calling capability
  • Full keyboard and two 65,526–color displays
  • Messaging options:  email with attachments, SMS and MMS
  • Office applications: Documents, Sheet, and Presentations
  • Organizer (calendar, contacts, tasks) and email with PC synchronization via Nokia PC Suite software
  • Large memory storage: 80 MB built-in memory plus MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • High-speed data connectivity with EGPRS (EDGE)
  • Mobile Internet connectivity
  • Tri-band (EGSM 900/1800/1900) operation for use on five continents

You can view all the features here…