Nokia, the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, will introduce a corporate wireless email system that will take on the likes of Research in Motion, makers of the popular BlackBerry wireless email device. The new service will be called Nokia Business Center and will also target Microsoft, Good Technolgy, and all of the other leading wireless email providers.

There are currently over 650 million corporate email users in the world but only a small number of them, less than 10 million, have mobile access to their business email in-boxes. Most of these 10 million mobile email users access their inboxes via expensive BlackBerry type devices that serve as wireless email devices first and mobile phones second. Nokia plans to target the this vastly untapped market with a variety of devices that will allow coporate users to access their mail.

Nokia Business Center enables a business to mobilize its entire workforce. It delivers a powerful combination of voice and business applications on a single device. It allows a wide range of employees access to business-critical mobile email over a portfolio of optimized devices. Nokia Business Center also offers and supports advanced features, for example: contact/calendar synch, edit and view attachments or search corporate directories.

Nokia Business Center will come in two versions. Standard, which will allow mobile devices to send and receive email and Professional which adds calendar and contact synch and attachment viewing along with additional advanced features.

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