Are you one of those Nextel BlackBerry users who refuse to switch over to the Sprint side of the house or over to a reputable wireless company who actually has come out with new BlackBerrys in the passed 3 or 4 years? Well, if you are, we may have news for your ears.

This past Tuesday at CITA Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced that they are coming out with a new Wi-Fi enabled, iDen BlackBerry on the Nextel network later this year. I must have missed this earlier in the week, however, it may be just a little bit too late for this to have much impact.

I know that a lot of Nextel BlackBerry users waited as long as they could for a new iDen device to come out, however, it has been 3 years since the BlackBerry 7100i came out and around 5 since the BlackBerry 7520 came out.

Just think, since the BlackBerry 7100i came out, GSM and CDMA carriers have had the BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry Pearl, the BlackBerry 8800, and the BlackBerry Curve devices come out in various configurations. Sprint has been saying for years that they weren’t going to come out with another Nextel BlackBerry and finally convinced their remaining BlackBerry users to switch.

The problem is that those Nextel BlackBerry users didn’t switch to Sprint. They switched to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. I guess that with all the trouble that Sprint/Nextel is having that they need to get those 37 remaining 7100i users some new gear for fear of losing them to another telecom as well.