New York State Senator Carl Kruger of Brooklyn is proposing a ban against BlackBerry use as well as mobile phone and iPod use while walking accross the street in New York.

While people are tuning into their iPods and cell phones, they’re tuning out the world around them… If you want to listen to your iPod, sit down and listen to it. You want to walk in the park, enjoy it. You want to jog around a jogging path, all the more power to you, but you should not be crossing streets and endangering yourself and the lives of others.

I am all for making the roads safer, but this is kind of ridiculous. There have been three deaths blamed on pedistrians not paying attention while using a mobile device or an iPod in Senator Kruger’s district. I am not making lite of those tradgedies, however, how many drunk driving related deaths have there been in the same time frame. In fact, how many drunk driving deaths caused by repeat drunk driving offenders have their been in the same time frame?

Senator, if you really want to make the streets safer, I am all for that. This, however, sounds to me like you just wanted to get your name on the Most Ridiculous Proposed Law of 2007 Top Ten List

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